How About a Point System for the Creative Geniuses in Our Society?

Did you know that most of the 160 plus IQ people live very poorly, it’s true, and as a think tank coordinator this bothers me, because if these folks had the resources like many of the billionaires of the world have, can you imagine how they could “change the world” and what an incredible bonus this would be for the rest of us? Think about that for a moment.Is it possible to make a different system for them? A system which rewards them with their basic needs so they can go and create, but one that also could give them the tools to bring those creations to fruition? You see, the other day I was discussing this issue with a creative genius who is now only in college, John Altmann, and we reasoned that we are wasting human potential terribly, and how our society and even to some extent our education system, is dummying down our society in a slightly mind numbing fashion.Okay so, I was thinking, the “point-system” for ideas would offer points for original thoughts, and these points could be converted into a secondary currency (current cash and electronic monetary system) for some things. The points could also be used in an online catalog, and these genius people could buy things such as:1. Productivity Software2. Computers, Tablets, etc.3. 3D printers4. Aptera electric cars5. Electric moped, bicycle6. Modularized Work Shop7. Paid intern assistants, who can also earn pointsAnd other things created by the participants, donated by corporations, grants, etc, and once it got going it would “fly like nothing else,” copyright Boeing “slogan” of course. Do you see where I am going with this?Look, we probably have 10s of thousands of modern day Leonardo da Vinci types out there, and they are quietly working away and thinking, but we are not getting their full benefits, as we are not honoring their work, and unfortunately it is getting worse, yes, occasionally they rise to the top, but many never do, and we lose their gifts to humanity, that’s a shame really.By doing this, the creative geniuses who wish to opt out of the current economic system, which doesn’t make sense for them with their 160 plus IQ or creative genius – could still participate in a dual system which paralleled our current economic system providing them with the tools, resources, and help they needed to bring us their creative genius, you see? Please consider all this.

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